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Snow Information

We never quite know if we will see any snow, but it’s smart to be prepared!  We contract for snow removal each fall.  Many of you have run a 5k (3.1 miles) around our property, so you know we cover a very large area.  When you add the alleys and inner connected roadways- we are larger than most Virginia towns!  It stands to reason that clearing the asphalt will take a significant amount of time.  So, in the spirit of patience, please remember that and also keep in mind that our snow removal crew relies on VDOT to clear their travel path to the community and Express Drive.  This means that you will not immediately be able to travel on cleared roadways and you will most likely need ice melting treatment and some type of shovel to clear your property or driveway apron.  Heavy accumulations may take several days to clear sufficiently for traffic to travel freely.
The first order of business after a storm with accumulation is to remove the snow from the main roadways to ensure emergency access. The best way to ensure a proper road clearing is to get cars out of the way, especially on smaller side streets. If your car is left out, please do not fill the streets with snow again while uncovering it. Snow plows run on very tight schedules and they may not return for a second pass to clear the street again for quite a while. The HOA does not shovel or treat sidewalks; these are the responsibility of the owners. Condominium associations are responsible for their own snow removal from the walks and drives. The snow removal equipment operators do not live in the community or in your home, so they will have a very limited ability to judge the edges of asphalt which are buried under snow.  If you are concerned that they may damage the turf or other property adjacent to the edge of the asphalt, then please install property markers in the area of concern.  While we prefer to not clear when it's dark or snowing, we don't always have a choice.  They do the best they can, but need our assistance to ensure asphalt is cleared and your property does not incur damage.
VDOT has assumed responsibility for several roads in Belmont Bay, so we are not able to control when and how those roads are cleared.  Roadways currently turned over to VDOT are; Express Drive, Belmont Bay Drive (525 to 401 is HOA property), Harbor Side St. (from Palisades to Pocket Park), Palisades St, and Fleet St. They have an online locator service at if you'd like to check VA street clearing progress.
VDOT guidelines are below for easy reference, it will help to understand what we all face when it snows in Virginia. 
Forecast Calls for/Residential Streets Treated or or Plowed
0-2 inches/ Sanding as needed.
2-4 inches/ Up to 36 hours after the storm ends.
4-8 inches/ Up to 48 hours after the storm ends.
8-12/ Up to 3 days after the storm ends.
12-18/ Up to 4 days after the storm ends.
18+ inches/ Up to 6 days after the storm ends.
Ice or Freezing Rain/ Up to 18 hours after the storm ends.
Snow Removal Services during both day and night will consist of:
Responding in a timely manner to the accumulation of two (2) inches of snow or frozen precipitation on the job site.
Clearing, to the best of contractor’s ability, the major roadways to allow residents ingress and egress to the driving lanes, overflow parking lots, swimming pool parking lot, and Town Center alleys.  The Association does not remove snow from any private driveway or community sidewalks.  We do not remove snow from the property of any sub-associations that are located within the community.  Contractor will take special care to ensure the roadways in front of group mailboxes are clear for mail delivery.
Contractor will call managing agent from port to port so that managing agent can confirm hours spent plowing and/or sanding.  The name and contact information of BBHOA's managing agent is CMC Staff 703-494-0440 option 4,,
Contractor shall have a minimum of two (2) trucks at all times on the property when providing snow removal, chemical application and/or sanding services.
Contractor will follow the established “Snow Removal Route” (attached) when plowing, applying chemicals and/or sanding. 
Contractor will endeavor to keep removed snow from blocking any fire hydrants, parking spaces and driveway aprons.
Contractor will place removed snow in unobtrusive areas which do not block ingress/egress of vehicles.
Contractor will provide managing agent with any cell phone numbers or other numbers of the appropriate contact person when contractor’s office is closed.
At no time should there be less than two (2) trucks/equipment (in the event of accumulation of six inches or more four pieces of equipment shall be used) on the property when providing snow removal and/or sanding services.  The first truck will begin at the VRE entrance on Express Drive and the second truck will begin at Course View Way at Dawson Beach Road.  The information is divided into sections of priority from top to bottom of each side, if one truck finishes prior to the other, contractor will move the available truck to assist on the other route.
 *** VDOT responsibility***
Express Drive
Belmont Bay Drive (excluding 525 to 401 which is private) 
Palisades St.
Fleet St. 
Harbor Side St. from the intersection of Palisades to the intersection with Belmont Bay Drive.

HOA Responsibility Section A
Belmont Bay Drive (begin at cross walk before large traffic circle and clear around entire traffic circles)
Tides Street
Harbor Side Street (from intersection at Belmont Bay Drive and down to the end of the street at address 458)
Ospreys View Place
Herons Run Lane (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Chatsford Court (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Potomac Path Drive
Steamboat Landing
Colchester Ferry Place (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Freshes Lane (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Ferry Landing Lane (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Herons View Way
Dogues Terrace (Receives ice melting treatment as needed)
Pool Parking Lot
HOA Responsibility Section B
Course View Way
Watermans Drive
Clear Lake Circle
Fleet Street
Monument Avenue
Custis Street
Ulysses Street (cobblestone, very narrow)
Vestal Street
Pinnacle Street
Redgate Lane
Collington Court
Chevington Court
Ayrshire Lane
Alleys off Vestal and Pinnacle Streets
Alleys off Belmont Bay Drive and Harbor Side Street, near Tides Street
Alleys between Ulysses Street and Monument Avenue (access on Monument Ave.)
Alleys between Ulysses Street and Fleet Street
Alleys between Fleet Street and Custis Street
Alleys between Custis Street and Palisades Street
Alleys behind Monument Avenue on Harbor Side Street side.
In the event of heavy accumulation, the contractor will be responsible for notifying the property manager if heavy equipment will be needed for prior authorization.